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We’re so excited to welcome Khalid Alvi (Alvi) to our team!  Our staff has collaborated with Alvi on numerous stormwater/watershed modeling projects and he brings fresh insight and over 20 years of modeling and programming experience to Paradigm.  Alvi is a water resources engineer with extensive experience in the development of linked watershed and stormwater BMP modeling systems. Alvi has authored foundational software for stormwater and watershed modeling including the System for Urban Stormwater Treatment and Integration (SUSTAIN), Loading Simulation Program – C++ (LSPC), Stormwater Management Optimization Tool (Opti-Tool), the BMP Accounting and Tracking Tool (BATT) and EPA’s Spreadsheet Tool for Estimating Pollutant Loads (STEPL). Alvi’s leadership and innovative problem-solving will be an asset across all phases of our modeling workflow, including problem formulation and simplification of computational complexities. He is a registered Professional Engineer with the state of Virginia.   Welcome, Alvi! 

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