Paradigm has developed sophisticated tools to statistically analyze and visualize data.  These tools put the power of statistical analysis in our clients’ hands, enabling them autonomously run complex statistical routines.  Our team includes statistical experts with expertise regarding summary statistics, regressions, and trends.  This expertise allows our tools to generate robust, consistent and defensible outputs – for example, for summary statistics of water quality data, we often leverage regression-on-order statistics to handle non-detects (rather than substituting half the detection limit).  Our understanding of the Clean Water Act enables our tools to check for water quality criteria exceedances for a wide array of pollutants collected during varying ambient conditions. Our tools generate graphical graphs that are beautiful, flexible and multi-variate.  With our tools, clients are able to efficiently generate outputs that address a range of requests, from annual reporting to inquiries from decision makers.

Below is an example of a signature data analysis tool: