Stormwater has become a focus of water quality improvement efforts across the globe.  Our team has supported some of the premier stormwater management programs (in the U.S. and abroad), and is continually developing new solutions to reduce impacts from stormwater. Stormwater management is inherently multi-disciplinary and it is common for our project teams to include engineers, biologists and computer programmers.

Los Angeles River Estuary - Long Beach, CA

Los Angeles River Estuary - Long Beach, CA

Our team is ready to leverage cutting-edge analytical tools to deliver cost-effective solutions for addressing stormwater impacts while providing multiple additional community benefits.

Implementation planning

Developing strategies at the watershed-scale requires consideration of various scenarios of structural and non-structural best management practices (BMPs) for reducing flows and pollutant loads.  Our team has pioneered modeling tools that simulate urbanized and rural watershed conditions, predict the effect of potential BMPs and optimize across millions of scenarios to identify the BMPs that are most cost-effective.

Stormwater capture engineering

Stormwater capture projects can provide multiple benefits beyond flow and pollutant reduction.  Our team has led numerous engineering concepts for green infrastructure projects including low impact development and green streets, as well as concepts for regional facilities such as infiltration galleries.  We pride ourselves on identifying optimal project locations and sizes, while also delivering impressive renderings to help garner support for project financing. 

Recent Stormwater Management Projects