Our clients’ programs are becoming increasingly data intensive, and the public expects management and policy decisions to be based on the best-available data. Our applications development team has developed a wide range of tools and software for data management, analysis, mapping and visualization. We work within an array of platforms from .NET and ESRI to open-source technologies such as Python and QGIS. We pride ourselves on delivering robust systems that are also intuitive and aesthetic.

Ecola State Park - Pacific Ocean, OR

Ecola State Park - Pacific Ocean, OR

Data visualization (including dashboards, maps and graphical interfaces) has emerged as a key delivery area, and our team is talented at developing visualizations that are both beautiful and functional. While Paradigm was founded as a water resources firm, applications development projects have the potential to lead us into additional markets such as asset management, energy, manufacturing and emergency response. Our team is agile and creative – let’s collaborate to sketch out ideas for a new application that can efficiently manage and beautifully visualize your program’s data.

Stormwater tracking and reporting

Project inventories and annual reporting have become complex efforts, and web applications enable efficient tracking and quantification of project benefits. Our team has developed some of the most innovative systems to track stormwater projects, quantify non-structural programs and visualize project portfolios and their benefit for reducing flows and pollutant loads.

Data analysis

Data collection efforts by public agencies have grown into complex programs with a large number of stations and parameters. Our team is proficient with statistical software such as R, and has leveraged those routines into tools that can analyze thousands of data points within a short run-time.

Recent Software & Web Application Projects