San Mateo County Stormwater Resource Plan


Prioritizing Opportunities for Managing Stormwater as a Multi-Benefit
Resource in San Mateo County

End ClientSan Mateo City/County Association of Governments (in partnership with Larry Walker Associates)

Paradigm led the development of the Stormwater Resource Plan (SWRP) for San Mateo County through the design and application of an innovative screening and prioritization process for identifying green infrastructure (GI) and regional stormwater capture projects.  A combination of GIS analysis and modeling led to the identification of 22 high potential projects.  For each of these, Paradigm prepared conceptual designs for projects ranging from large regional capture projects to green streets to on-site LID.

Prior to completion of the SWRP, three of the GI projects were submitted for Prop 1 grant applications, and all were approved for funding. Three cities have used the regional project concepts to engage Caltrans on funding partnerships and Caltrans has recently agreed to fund two of the projects. The combined total of funding for these projects is more than $20 million and will result in significant progress towards PCB and mercury load reductions.