Watersheds serve critical environmental, recreational and economic functions within our communities.  Our team has worked in hundreds of watersheds across the world, and we pride ourselves on having expertise across a wide range of watershed processes including hydrology, pollutant fate and transport, and groundwater interactions.

North Fork of the Roanoke River - Montgomery County, VA

North Fork of the Roanoke River - Montgomery County, VA

As watersheds face new pressures to attain environemtnal, economic and human-health outcomes, our team is ready to innovate and support your watershed management decisions.

Total maximum daily loads

The TMDL program in the U.S. goes back to the 1990s and our team has been involved since the beginning, supporting development of hundreds of complex TMDLs across the nation.  Our understanding of Clean Water Act requirements, from water quality standards to NPDES permits, is second to none.

Special studies

Data collection can provide insight to support policy and management decisions, and our team has led some of the most cutting-edge studies to date, particularly around bacteria contamination.

Water supply evaluation

Drought and other factors have increased pressure on water supplies, our team is supporting numerous innovative projects to allocate existing resources and identify new supplies.

Recent Watershed Analysis Projects